Our Legacy & Our Commitment

Carrying Gilman's legacy forward means providing access for talented boys and guiding them on their paths to excellent colleges and lives of purpose, attracting and supporting gifted faculty, and providing the space and tools that allow everyone to discover and develop the best in themselves.


First Things First: Endowing Gilman’s Promise and People is a campaign to raise $60 million in philanthropic support over a six-year period (fiscal years 2014-2019). First Things First invites supporters to invest directly in our boys and the futures that stretch out ahead of them.

This endowment-focused campaign is purposefully structured to ensure Gilman continues to thrive and lead without resorting to unsustainably high tuition increases.

Through this campaign, we will:

  • Ensure that the most promising boys in the region (and their families) feel financially supported in choosing Gilman.
  • Recruit and support the outstanding teachers who are the heart of a Gilman education, put essential resources in their hands, and equip them to continue inspiring and challenging Gilman students through new offerings and methods of teaching.
  • Provide Gilman boys with ahead-of-the-curve readiness to participate actively in the interconnected global community, in part by offering transformative global studies experiences.
  • Create an innovative fund that will allow learning experiences to be adapted according to boys’ readiness and progress, without delaying until the next budget cycle.
  • Provide recent alums, parents, grandparents, friends and others with opportunities to experience firsthand the rewards of effective philanthropy via a special emphasis on The Gilman Fund during the campaign.
This campaign is an example of Gilman values at work: we confront issues head-on and implement solutions. Gilman’s position will be strengthened—and boys’ experiences enhanced—when we invest.