Campaign Leadership

To the Gilman Community,

During the Great Recession of 2008, the Board of Trustees realized Gilman needed to take steps to assure its financial sustainability. We sprang into action. The resulting Long Range Plan and in-depth financial sustainability analysis ballast First Things First: Endowing Gilman’s Promise and People.

A campaign to raise $60 million for endowment over a six-year period (2014-2019) is ambitious. Yet leaders lead and disrupt—and raise and reestablish—the status quo. Our analyses confirm our beloved school will not continue to prosper and grow if we rely only on yearly tuition increases for revenue, and increases that outpace cost of living are untenable for our families. We aim to change the tuition cost curve and create a new structure.

We can only accomplish this tuition paradigm shift through increased endowment. The resources additional endowment will provide are necessary for the School to thrive and lead in future years.

This drive for endowment spurs us to think creatively about how we can best serve and support our students and faculty. We must reach beyond traditional scholarship and professional development funds to alter how we sustain the people in our school community. Our goals to create endowed funds to help families with the cost of attendance beyond tuition, support global experiences for students and faculty, and embrace new initiatives to imaginatively support teaching and learning promise to ensure the quality of a Gilman education for generations to come.

In 1992, when agreeing to lead the Centennial Campaign, I hardly would have imagined that almost two decades later, the opportunity would again arise to helm an effort to raise some three times more dollars. The possibilities of this campaign are exciting, and I hope you will join me in this historic effort and help Gilman put First Things First.


Charles C. Fenwick, Jr. ’66, PP, GP

Charles C. Fenwick, Jr.

Campaign Steering Committee

Since July 1, 2013

Honorary Chairs

Benjamin H. Griswold IV ’58, PP
Walter D. Pinkard, Jr. ’69, PP

Campaign Advisors

James S. Riepe, Jr. ‘94
Theodore T. Sotir ‘76

Campaign Chair

Charles C. Fenwick, Jr. ‘66, PP, GP

Vice Chairs

Andrew M. Brooks ’74, PP
Cynthia Lee Cavanaugh P’21  John F. Cavanaugh ’87, P’21
Susan D. Ginkel PP 
R. Davis Noell ‘97


John C. Avirett ‘01
Robert G. Blue ’81, PP
E. Thomas Booker III ’79, P’18
Thomas S. Bozzuto Jr. ‘92, P’27
Thomas H. Broadus III '86, P’20
David H. Carroll, Jr. '88, P’18
D. Lawson DeVries III ‘96
Mark R. Fetting ‘72, PP
D. Brooks Kitchel II ’88, P’24
Elise Morris P’15, '22
William L. Paternotte '63, PP, GP
Troy L. Rohrbaugh ‘88
Dara S. Schnee P’18, ’20
Michael J. Weinfeld ’91, PP
Scott A. Wieler PP

Henry P. A. Smyth P’24, ’26, ex-officio
M. Kate Ratcliffe, ex-officio
John W. Richardson, ex-officio

Campaign Counsel

Carol O'Brien and Associates, Inc.