Financial Support & Opportunity

Driven by Promise

If we believe in Gilman’s capacity to change lives, we must be courageous ourselves and invest to ensure boys who will thrive here are able to choose this path—and that all Gilman boys benefit from being part of a community driven by aspiration and inspiration.

First Things First calls for $26.3 million in the form of endowed funds dedicated to Gilman’s financial aid budget. This is a critical component of our strategy to cover increasing financial aid needs while keeping the tuition growth curve under control.

We invite donors to invest in:

  • Endowed full scholarships and partial scholarships, ensuring that the Gilman community is defined by deep and varied individual strengths, not by families’ financial resources.
  • An endowed funding excellence fund, enabling Gilman to identify, retain, and recognize extraordinary student talent, ensuring the best of the best thrive at Gilman regardless of financial need.
  • An endowed fund providing need-based financial aid to the children of Gilman faculty, who would otherwise be unable to afford tuition at Gilman or a peer institution.
  • An endowed fund providing non-tuition additional support for financial aid students (such as college application expenses, school trips and music lessons).
  • Need-based and funding excellence scholarships, available for immediate use during the year in which the gift is made.
  • An endowed fund to establish the Finney-Greene Scholars Program, which seeks to engage boys and their families to provide an extra level of support, mentorship, and access to opportunities.



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