Endowment Gifts

Endowed Funds

Gilman School manages more than 200 named endowed funds. Alumni, parents, and friends have established these endowed scholarship, faculty development, and program funds. The principal is held in perpetuity, and only the endowment income is spent. The minimum gift to create an endowed fund is $100,000.

A strong endowment allows the Trustees and administration to plan for Gilman's future and to meet changing priorities over time. Numerous opportunities exist to recognize an individual, a faculty member, family, friend or colleague through the creation of a named endowment. Such gifts may be designated for a particular division, program or area of interest.

Named funds become a permanent part of the Gilman legacy, enriching the educational experience for generations to come.

A donor may also elect to support a particular priority by establishing a named fund or a fund that the School may allocate in full toward an immediate need.

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are single- or multi-year gifts given in addition to The Gilman Fund and restricted to specific programs and purposes identified by the Board of Trustees' Strategic Plan.

Over and above Gilman's need for annual operating support is its need to plan for the School's long-term health and to pursue new opportunities as they arise. Capital gifts may be directed toward endowing a scholarship, providing faculty support, or funding a program.


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