Giving Appreciated Securities

You will receive a full tax deduction for the market value of securities given. This avoids any capital gains tax you would incur in selling appreciated securities as long as they have been held for one year.

Necessary Account Information - must be provided with each gift.
  • Gilman School's Federal Tax ID #: 52-0591604
  • Gilman School's Acct. # at Brown Advisory Sec., LLC. 3698-6342
  • DTC # 0141

How to give securities held by your broker or banker:

  1. Instruct the custodian in writing specifying the securities you are giving to Gilman School and the designation of the gift.
  2. Instruct your broker to DTC the securities to Gilman's Account at Brown Advisory Securities, LLC. This is critical since the securities will be delivered to Gilman's account at Brown Advisory with NO donor names. (Account # 3698-6342 and DTC #0141).
  3. Complete this online form. The Gilman Development Office will contact that custodian about the disposition of the securities.

How to give securities that are in your possession:

  1. Mail unendorsed certificates to the Gilman School Development Office.
  2. Under separate cover, mail a stock power, readily obtained from your broker or banker. Sign the power and have the broker or banker guarantee the signature. Do not fill in anything else.
  3. With the certificate send a short letter stating that you are making this gift. Include a copy of the letter with the stock power.

Giving Securities While Retaining Life Income
In addition to giving securities as outright gifts, you may make a gift to Gilman School through a trust arrangement and receive income during your lifetime or the lifetime of your designated beneficiary, such as your spouse. The tax advantages vary according to the plan you choose.

For further information on giving securities to Gilman, please call:

John Richardson
Associate Director of Development
Gilman School
5407 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21210
p: 410-323-7176 f: 410-323-7557