The Gilman Fund

The campaign represents a special opportunity to focus on—and celebrate—the impact all members of the wider Gilman family can have on the experience of current students.

First Things First sends a signal that Gilman is a place deserving of voluntary giving, that education comes before anything, and that coordination among those who love Gilman can produce tremendous results. Donors giving at every level have a role to play in this campaign. In any given year, ongoing unrestricted funding given through The Gilman Fund has a direct and immediate impact on the experiences of current students.

The Gilman Fund is a natural vehicle for engaging first-time donors, recent alumni, parents, grandparents, and others. During the campaign, special initiatives such as matching challenges that invoke healthy rivalries among graduating classes or affinity groups, and multi-generational family gift challenges can be leveraged to encourage and reward participation.


Explore how you can help Gilman put First Things First.
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