Ad Astra

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To the stars

Ad Astra is Gilman’s leadership giving society for graduates of the last 15 years.

Ad Astra allows recent alumni to directly impact Gilman's campus, students, faculty, and community. By joining Ad Astra, you will enable future leaders, like yourself, to have the same incredible experiences you had as a Gilman student. Like those who came before you, you’ll be doing your part to make a difference in the futures of promising young men and ensure that Gilman will flourish for generations to come.

Ad Astra Giving Levels

Class of 2004                 $1,000+
Classes of 2005-2008      $500+
Classes of 2009-2013       $250+
Classes of 2014-2018       $100+

Join Ad Astra

Ad Astra members receive an inaugural gift, special invitations to exclusive events including annual The Founder's Society dinner, and special recognition in Gilman's annual report.

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Interested in getting involved beyond your annual gift? Give Alex a call.
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